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Online Records

Software Management, LLC, in conjunction with CCLIX participating County Clerks offices throughout the state of Kentucky, is pleased to present eCCLIX, the Internet version of CCLIX. Today, the system known as CCLIX (“clicks”), County Clerk Indexing, is being utilized in almost two-thirds of Kentucky’s County Clerk offices. Attorneys, title search personnel, surveyors and realtors have grown to depend upon the CCLIX system to provide the fastest possible access to public records archived in the Kentucky County Clerk’s office.

Documents available from January 1st, 1985 to Current

With eCCLIX, users can now view or print the documents filed by over 50 clerks offices in Kentucky.

Recording Fees

Here, you’ll find all the relevant information you need regarding recording fees for various services. Our aim is to make the fee structure transparent and easily accessible for our valued constituents. Explore our user-friendly breakdown of recording fees, ensuring a seamless experience for all your official transactions.

Printable Records

This page is your one-stop destination for a comprehensive collection of legal forms regularly utilized by our office. We understand the importance of easy access to necessary documentation for various official purposes. Here, you’ll find an organized repository of downloadable and printable forms, ensuring convenience and efficiency for our valued users. Whether you’re seeking forms related to property transactions, business filings, or other essential legal matters, our user-friendly platform simplifies the process for you.

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