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Additional Information

Notary Information

This page provides detailed instructions on becoming a notary public in Woodford County, including the necessary qualifications, application process, and required fees. It also offers downloadable forms and resources related to notary services, such as sample notary acknowledgments and jurats. Additionally, the page provides information on notary renewal, updates on any changes in notary laws or regulations, and a list of frequently asked questions to address common queries.

Marriage License Information

This page provides detailed guidance and requirements for obtaining a marriage license, including the necessary documents, fees, and application process. It outlines the eligibility criteria, such as age restrictions and previous marriage dissolution, and explains the steps involved in obtaining a marriage license, from completing the application to picking up the license. The page also provides information on the waiting period, expiration of the license, and guidelines for officiants.

Property Tax Rates

We understand the significance of staying informed about property tax rates, as they impact homeowners, businesses, and our community’s overall financial landscape. On this page, you’ll find downloadable PDFs that provide a historical record of tax rates over the past few years. While our offerings may be in PDF format, we believe in the importance of transparent communication. These documents will help you understand how tax rates have evolved and aid in making informed decisions. Woodford County is committed to providing accessible information to our residents, fostering a sense of financial understanding and responsibility.

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