Salvage Title Process

To obtain a salvage title please bring with you the following items and/or information:

  • The current Certificate of Title. It is required to be signed by all sellers and buyers. All signatures must be notarized. Titles that contain AND or do not have a designation between names of owners, require both signatures of those listed.
  • License plate(s) for all Kentucky vehicles must be surrendered when applying for a salvage title. An affidavit is available for the license plate(s) that have been lost or destroyed. The Affidavit for Non-Exchange County section of the Affidavit of Replacement Form TC 96-167must be completed, stating the reason for loss of plate and signed by the seller (if applicable) or buyer/owner. Signatures must be notarized.
  • Social Security Number for each party appearing on the title or Federal ID Number for companies.
  • All liens must be satisfied before applying for a salvage title.
  • Application for Kentucky Title TC 96-182, ONLY for small Kentucky Title Transfers or Out of State Titles applying for Kentucky Salvage Title.


Vehicles that have a salvage title cannot be operated on Kentucky highways.  The only time a vehicle with a salvage title may be operated upon the highways of Kentucky is when it is in route to or from an inspection by the sheriff’s department during the rebuilt process.

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