County Clerk Fee Schedule - Effective 01/01/2020

Assignment of RentsDeed$50.00*
Contract Real Estate/LandDeed$50.00*
Declaration of TrustDeed$46.00*
Deed of CorrectionDeed$46.00*
Deed of RestrictionsDeed$50.00*
Easement ReleaseDeed$46.00*
Lease-Real Estate and/or EquipmentDeed$50.00*
Marital AgreementDeed$46.00*
Option Agreement-Real EstateDeed$50.00*
Power of AttorneyDeed$50.00*
Revocation of Power of AttorneyDeed$46.00*
DeedDeed/Condo Deed$50.00*
Affidavit per KRS 382.297 or 382.337Deed/Mortgage$46.00*
Condominium Declaration/Associated DocumentsCondo Deed$50.00*
Master Deed for CondominiumsCondo Deed/Deed$50.00*
Assumption AgreementMortgage$46.00*
Subordination AgreementMortgage$46.00*
MortgageMortgage/Condo Mtg$80.00#
Mortgage Modification AgreementMortgage/Condo Mtg$46.00*
Mortgage with MERS/AssignmentMortgage/Condo Mtg$126.00#
Assignment of MortgageMortgage$46.00*
Assignment of Vendor's LienMortgage$46.00*
Fixture FilingFixture$96.00*
Fixture Continuation, Assignment, Amendment, Partial Release Fixture$46.00*
Bonds- Property as SuretyEncumbrance$63.00
Certificate of Delinquency AssignmentEncumbrance$30.00
Certificate of Delinquency Re-AssignmentEncumbrance$46.00*
Certificate of Delinquency ReleaseEncumbrance$46.00*
Child Support Lien-In StateEncumbrance$5.00
Child Support Lien-Out of StateEncumbrance$46.00*
Child Support Lien Release-In StateEncumbrance$5.00
Child Support Lien Release-Out of StateEncumbrance$46.00*
Encumbrance ReleaseEncumbrance$46.00*
Inheritance Tax LienEncumbrance$5.00
Judgment LienEncumbrance$46.00*
Lis Pendens NoticeEncumbrance$46.00*
Lis Pendens Notice ReleaseEncumbrance$46.00*
Tax Lien-FederalEncumbrance$46.00*
Tax Lien Release-FederalEncumbrance$46.00*
Tax Lien-StateEncumbrance$5.00
Tax Lien Release-StateEncumbrance$5.00
Land Use RestrictionsVariance$50.00
Mechanic LienMechanic Lien$46.00*
Mechanic Lien ReleaseMechanic Lien$46.00*
Bond to Release a Mechanic LienMechanic Lien$60.00*
Affidavit of Conversion to Real EstateMiscellaneous$51.00*
Inheritance Tax Lien ReleaseMiscellaneous$5.00
Articles and Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit)Corporate Records$46.00*
Assumed NameCorporate Records$46.00*
Limited Partnership or Partnership AgreementCorporate Records$46.00*
PlatPlat Cabinet$50.00
Attest-Release (In House)Release$46.00*
Release of Mortgage-Full or PartialRelease$46.00*
Disclaimer of WillWill$46.00*
Renunciation of WillWill$46.00*
Filing with statutory authority for which no specific fee is setVaries$46.00*
* Add $3.00 for every page over the first five (5) pgs
# Add $3.00 for every page over the first thirty (30) pgs

Filing policy changes effective January 1, 2020

With KRS 64.012 being amended by 2019 Ky. Acts ch. 86, sec. 43, effective January 1, 2020, our policy for filing the following items will also change:

  1. Certified copies – the copy fee of $.50 per page will be also assessed along with the $5.00 certification fee
  2. Mortgage with MERS as mortgagee will also require a mortgage assignment filing to the lender for which MERS is acting as a nominee. (mortgage filing fee = $80.00 + mortgage assignment fee = $46.00, total $126.00)
  3. The index will be under type code MTGWA and have a single book and page reference.

    The Kentucky County Clerks Association has formally adopted on November 19, 2019 the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) standards for Real Estate Document Formatting. The format standards are effective January 1, 2020.

    Legibility Standards are as follows:

    • Paper weight: 20 lb
    • Paper size: 8 ½ x 11 preferred; 8 ½ x 14 accepted
    • Paper color: White; no water marks
    • Staples or binding: None
    • One or two side print: One side only
    • Impression Seals: None allowed
    • Colored highlight markers: None allowed
    • Margins: Top 3” of first page recommended for Recorder use, especially on right side of page (not recommended on last page); all other margins 1”
    • Ink color: Black preferred, with dark blue signatures
    • Font: 10-point Times New Roman or equivalent
    • Spacing: 9 lines per inch maximum

    Adopted by PRIA Board of January 13, 2016,

    Woodford County Clerk

    Sandra V. Jones

    103 South Main Street, Suite 120
    Versailles, KY 40383


    Office: (859) 873-3421
    Fax: 859-873-6985
    Email: [email protected]


    Monday-Thursday: 8:00-4:00
    Friday: 8:00-5:30

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