Rebuild Title Process

All paperwork required for a rebuilt title must go to Frankfort and be approved before the clerk’s office can issue a license plate.
To submit the application for a rebuilt title to Frankfort, you must have:

  • Salvage Title in your name or signed over to you.
  • Original parts receipts for all parts purchased to repair the vehicle.*
  • The original descriptive labor statement shows all repairs made to the vehicle. The labor statement must be signed by the person performing the repairs and their signature must be notarized. Estimates will not be accepted as labor statements.
  • Title Application TC 96-182**
  • Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from Wrecked or Salvaged Motor Vehicles TC 96-215, completed by the person applying for rebuild, signed and notarized.
  • For a rebuilt motorcycle, provide pencil tracings of both the engine and frame identification numbers. If a replacement engine was used, an effort should be made to obtain the frame number of the motorcycle from which the engine was taken.
  • Any liens must be released prior to applying for a rebuilt title.

Once the Transportation Cabinet has approved the rebuilt application, the owner/buyer will have sixty days to complete the application at the clerk’s office. After sixty days, the application will be canceled, and it will be necessary to reapply.

*If parts were purchased from a salvage/junkyard, you will need to provide the invoice. The invoice must contain the Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle each part was taken from.

*If parts were taken from a vehicle you purchased for parts, you will need to show proof of the salvage or junk title in your name. The parts used will need to be in your descriptive labor statement along with the Vehicle Identification Number of the Vehicle the parts were taken from.

*If the parts were purchased from an individual that has junked the vehicle, have the individual write a statement of the parts they sold you.

• The statement from the individual selling the parts must include:
• Name, Address, and Phone Number where they may be reached.
• The name of the person the parts are being sold to.
• List all parts being sold.
• The Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle the parts are being sold from.
• Must be signed by the person selling the parts, the signature must be notarized.

**If Salvage Title is in your name you will need to complete the following on the Title Application TC 96-182:

• Vehicle Identification Section
• Certified Inspector Section
• Owner/Buyer Section complete with Owner Buyer Signature and Notarization of the signature.

**If your name does not appear on the face of the title but is signed over to you, you will need to have the following completed on the Title Application TC 96-182:

• Vehicle Identification Section
• Certified Inspector Section
• Sales Price Section, if not completed on the back of a KY Title,
• Sellers Section, if not completed on the back of a KY Title, complete with Buyers Signature and Notarization of Signature.
• Owner Buyer Section complete with the Owner Buyer Signature and Notarization of the signature.
The person that repairs the motor vehicle must be the person that submits the Rebuilt Application to Frankfort unless the person that repaired the vehicle is in the business of repairing vehicles.
The title for a rebuilt vehicle will be branded with the words “Rebuilt Vehicle” on the face of the title. The title shall retain the brand for as long as any person holds the title to the vehicle. Some vehicles that are rebuilt may not be eligible for registration in some states. Any person who obtains a rebuilt vehicle needs to be aware that the vehicle may not be eligible for sale to individuals who reside in certain states.

Rebuilt paperwork may be submitted in 3 ways:
1.) Mail directly to Frankfort (Make sure you make copies of everything you are mailing.

Kentucky Transportation Department
Division of Motor Vehicle License
Attn: Rebuild Section
P.O. Box 2014
Frankfort, KY 40602-2014

2.) Bring the paperwork to the Title Department of our office. We will copy the file and mail it to Frankfort for you.

3.) If the owner wishes to expedite the application for rebuilt, the owner may take the rebuilt application to the One-Stop-Shop located on the second floor of the Transportation Cabinet Office Building at 200 Mero Street in Frankfort.
Walk-in hours are as follows:
For an individual with one title previously licensed in his or her name, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.
For a courier/runner or an individual with one or more applications (maximum of 10), from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon ET, Monday through Friday.

Certain rebuilt applications cannot be processed the same day as they are walked into the Transportation Cabinet. Please contact the Rebuilt Section (502) 564-2850 for further information.

Upon the County Clerk’s receipt of approval letter from the state, the customer may title and license the vehicle at the County Clerk’s Office.

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